Emphasis on Teaching
by Marshall Brain

The Rights of Students

The following document is handed out to my classes each semester as part of my course packet. It was created with the help of a group of students that I taught in a special section of CSC101. This document defines the rights of students: It specifies what students have the right to expect of the teacher in the classroom, and from the university.

The Rights of Students

The most important people at a university are the students. They are the reason for the university's existence, and should be the focus of the university's efforts. The goal of any university should be to provide its students with the best education possible--to provide students with the best return for their tuition investment.

Research is essential to a university education. Students receive the best, most current education in an active and enthusiastic research environment. Whenever research is given a higher priority than education however, the university has lost sight of its purpose and its goal.

Students have rights granted to them because they have paid tuition to receive an education. Some of these rights are identified below:

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