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Search engines read a web page and index all of the words from the page. Users of the search engine can find your page by searching for keywords. The good thing about search engines is that they let you find everything that contains a certain word (or set of words). The bad thing about search engines is that they generally return a lot of chaff with the wheat that they find.

From a web promotion standpoint, the nice thing about search engines is that it is easy to get your site listed on them. The following links point to the "Add URL" page of all of the major search engines. It is very easy for you to work through the list and register your page(s) on each one.

For instant gratification on big engines, start with InfoSeek. It will list your site the same day. Alta Vista is next--it will list your site in about two days.

Many of these sites say, "You do not need to enter all of your pages. Our spider will visit your entire site if you enter just one." In general you should ignore that message and list each page with content individually. Otherwise it will be months before your pages get into the index. InfoSeek will limit you to 10 postings a day to slow you down (and so will several others), but you should still submit all pages over the course of several days if necessary.

The big 6:

For an extensive list of other search engines, try this list from Yahoo.

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