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    A huge number of books are available on the topics discussed here in the Natural Family Site. This page takes you to some of the most popular titles which you can order directly from You can also look for these books at your local library. I have read many of these books and personally recommend them.

    Natural Family Planning/Fertility

    The Art of Natural Family Planning by John F. Kippley, Sheila K. Kippley

      This is a great book if you want to learn about the sympto-thermal method of natural family planning. It goes into a lot of detail and was the only book I needed to learn about the method. This book also has a chapter discussing the religous/moral aspects of natural family planning as well as one on ecological breastfeeding.

    Fertility Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon

      How nutrition can affect your fertility. By eating or avoiding certain foods, some fertility problems can be corrected. Also if you are practicing natural family planning, this will help regulate your cycle so the method is more effective. If you are having any fertility problems you should read this book because the simple self-help could really help and may let you forgo expensive medical treatment. The author cites many examples of reproductive problems that were cured simply with nutrition.

    Taking Charge of Your Fertility : The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement by Toni Weschler

      Huge book. Goes into detail on the chemistry of your body which can help you achieve or avoid pregnancy. Good book and also good to keep around as a future reference.

    Healthy Pregnancy

    What to Expect When You're Expecting by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff, Sandee E. Hathaway

      A must have! Goes month by month on what to expect during your pregnancy, including labor, special problems, pregnancy diet, etc.

    What to Eat When You're Expecting by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Eisenberg Murkoff, Sandee eisenber Hathaway

      This book describes the Best Odds Diet in extensive detail (there is a chapter on this diet in "What to Expect When You're Expecting"). Among other things it includes recipes, vitamin and mineral requirements, and what food additives/perservatives to avoid during pregnancy.

    Natural Childbirth

    Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon

      This is a wonderful book! I highly recommend it! It goes into a lot of detail of the different stages of labor, relaxtion methods, and the Bradley methodology. Also if you have any fears of childbirth, this is a must because it shows you how natural and beautiful childbirth can be!

    Husband-Coached Childbirth : The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth by Robert A., Md Bradley, Marjie Hathaway

      This is also a good book. While it won't prepare you for labor like "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" does, this book discusses the development and reasoning behind the Bradley method. My husband even read this book and it really turned him on to natural childbirth. Again, if you have any fears of childbirth, this is a great book!

    Easing Labor Pain : The Complete Guide to a More Comfortable and Rewarding Birth by Adrienne B. Lieberman

      This book does not advocate any specific childbirth method but rather goes into detail on all the options of pain relief during childbirth (both medicated and natural). Good book!

    Gentle Birth Choices : A Guide to Making Informed Decisions About Birthing Centers, Birth Attendants, Water Birth, Home Birth, Hospital Birth by Barbara Harper

      I have not read this book but have heard good things about it from others who have.


    Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing : How Ecological Breastfeeding Spaces Babies by Sheila K. Kippley

      Talks about natural mothering and how it is used to space babies. This isn't a breastfeeding how-to book (like the ones below) but stresses the benefits and ways of natural mothering. Goes into a lot of detail and is very good if you are considering ecological breastfeeding.

    The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins

      I have read a number of breastfeeding books and this one is my favorite for getting started. The book is a great source of information, and includes an appendix listing drugs that can affect breast milk. I found the entire book to be extremely helpful.

    The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by Le Leche League

      Very comprehensive. Discusses everything from nursing the newborn baby to nursing the toddler, diet, fathers and breastfeeding, family bed / nighttime parenting, even has a page on ecological breastfeeding, etc. It is a thick book and very pro-attachment parenting. It is much more than a breastfeeding manual. I loved it! I have heard similar positive comments and recommendations from people I know.

    Family Bed

    Nighttime Parenting : How to Get Your Baby and Child to Sleep by William M.D. Sears

      This is a great book. If you are at all thinking about the family bed, I recommend it! It discusses the benefits of the family bed, night nursings, sleep cycles, sleep problems, SIDS, etc.

    The Family Bed by Tine Thevenin

      Also a great book if you are considering the family bed!

    Three in a Bed : The Healthy Joys and Remarkable Benefits of Sharing Your Bed With Your Baby by Deborah Jackson, Tom Newton (Illustrator)

      I haven't read this one yet but plan to.

    Attachment Parenting

    The Continuum Concept : In Search of Happiness Lost (Classics in Human Development) by Jean Liedloff

      The author spent 2.5 years living in the jungles of Venezuela. There she obsesrved how the Yequana tribe lived and raised their children. From her observations she suggests that carrying a baby for the first 5-8 months (as well as other things) can create a happier baby. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I loved it!

    Also William Sears is a big advocate of attachment parenting and discusses those concepts in his books below:

    Parenting (General Information)

    The Baby Book : Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two by William Sears, Martha Sears

      Wonderful book! It truly is "Everything You Need to Know". I could have saved myself many calls/visits to the doctor if I had read this first - and they even explain it better than my doctor/nurses! It talks about baby health, safety (even includes info about infant CPR), baby care, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, nighttime parenting, and more... If I could only have one baby/parenting book - this would be it!

    The Fussy Baby : How to Bring Out the Best in Your High-Need Child by William Sears

      Even if you don't have a fussy baby, this book can be good reading. It goes into why babies cry, the different types of crys, and how to respond. It promotes responding to baby before baby cries by picking up on his signals. This book was written before the one below and alot of infomation that is in this book is also in the one below.

    Parenting the Fussy Baby and the High-Need Child : Everything You Need to Know - From Birth to Age Five by William Sears, Martha Sears

      This book shows you how responsive parenting can turn the challenge of a high-need child into a rewarding experience for both you and your child. I only read the portion which pertained to infants which I found to be very helpful.

    Home Schooling

    The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook : A Creative and Stress-Free Approach to Homeschooling by Raymond S. Moore, Dorothy Moore, Raymond, Dr. Moore

      This book goes into how children learn and ways to make homeschooling work with stories of real people's experiences. We haven't homeschooled yet, yet I still found it to be very interesting reading and learned things that you can apply before a child is school-aged.

    Family Matters : Why Homeschooling Makes Sense by David Guterson

      This books stresses the importance of parents taking part in their children's education and compares homeschooling with tradional schooling.

    Infant Massage

    Infant Massage : A Handbook for Loving Parents by Vimala Schneider McClure

      Wonderful! Has step by step explanations with pictures for each move. It makes infant massage seem very easy! Great great book and a must if you want to do infant massage and don't have a class offered in your area.

    Touching : The Human Significance of the Skin by Ashley Montagu

      Discusses the importance of touch to your infant.

    No More Amoxicillin : Preventing and Treating Ear and Respiratory Infections Without Antibiotics by Mary Ann Block

      The author is a liscensed osteopathic physician who developed moves that she claims can treat and prevent ear infections without medicine. These moves are very much like infant massage moves.

    Natural Living

    Home Safe Home : Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Everyday Toxics and Harmful Household Products in the Home by Debra Lynn Dadd

      This book talks in depth about different toxins found around the home and has sections for Cleaning and Laundry Products, Home and Garden Pest Control, Water, Drugs and Medicines, Beauty and Hygiene, Food, etc. The great thing about this book is it gives you alternatives to using toxic products that you can implement yourself (with things you can get at your local store or may already have in your house) and a list suppliers for non-toxic products that you may wish to purchase such as paint, carpet, make-up, food, etc. A good book to keep handy and refer to often.

    Living Healthy in a Toxic World : Simple Steps to Protect You and Your Family from Everyday Chemicals, Poisons, and Pollution by David Steinman, Michael R. Wisner

      One interesting thing about this book is that it is endorsed by movie stars such as Kirstie Alley, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, John Travolta, etc. This book quotes many research studies and also gives resources you can contact for more information. This book provides immediate strategies for reducing the danger to one's health. It also has a chapter on how many toxins aren't tested adequately or at all while the public is using them and thinking they are safe. It also has a nice glossary of terms. Easy to read.

    Sugar-Free Toddlers - Over 100 recipes by Susan Watson

      Wonderful book! Discusses the problems sugar cause for children and then presents 100 wonderful recipes!

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